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Women Are Powerful Blog via KayLa's Positivity Corner by Dr. KayLa N. Allen

There are countless things that a girl or woman can achieve when she has freedom, rights, access to education, and the ability to be herself. Am I right ladies?

There is no limit as to what/whom a become when she envelopes herself in what she is capable of doing, who she knows herself to be, and every effort to become a greater version of herself. 

Life, experiences, culture, society, trauma, negative “judgment” from others and so many other things can teach us as girls as=nd women false narratives about who we are, were, or what we can/cannot be. However, it is our job and forever mission to understand and work hard to start changing the world by working on ourselves and finding that true power that lives within.

No matter what you have heard or experienced, if you have not heard this before or lately, let me be the first to say that you are amazing. Don’t just take my word for it – the depth of women’s empowerment and what you need to get from it starts with the work you will do. Write it down and put it on everything that is to be in front of your face – your phone, computer, your mirror, etc. The first step to your forever greatness starts now. 

Girls who see great women, learn from wise females, and are encouraged to be amazing as they are will flourish in every way possible. This is one of the best gifts that you can give – girl’s empowerment, especially when it is based on what you have learned and grown through.

Only when we can silence the doubts, be happy with who we are, and appreciate the strength in our voices can we make a difference in the world around us. We are all responsible for leaving a legacy behind, shaping history, and helping others rise; women, work hard for that starting by transforming yourself

Every day, you must ask yourself, “What can I do to make the most of today?” The answer to this question is not all about a task, it is about how you will treat yourself for the best version of your present and the future you aim to have.

While we do not have the answers to why things may not be perfect or easy from day to day, we do know that as women we can do anything that we work hard for and aim to do. 

If someone could examine the most common character descriptions of women, they would include words like strong, overcomers, highly capable, dedicated, diligent, wise, empathetic, emotional at times, intelligent, and compassionate beyond words. 

Never lose sight of who you are, what peace you can bring, are what you are capable of achieving. Look around you, seek guidance, wisdom, and support, and tap into your power especially when you are feeling down, doubtful, or confused.

Know that the reflection looking back at you in the mirror is so much more than what you have experienced, what you physically see, or what others may say. You are powerful, capable, and amazing! Never forget it.

Women’s empowerment is a tool and girl’s empowerment is a guide, but both start inside and blossom into something that can change the world!

Be blessed and be at peace.

-KayLa’s Positivity Corner by Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Dr. KayLa N. Allen is a Doctoral (DHA) Candidate, International Motivational Speaker, Thought Leader, Transformational Coach – Certified Health and Well-Being Coach, and Expert on Shaping Thriving Futures. Learn more about her services and how you can begin your journey through business and personal evolution by clicking the button below.



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