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Services: Healthcare Business Consulting with Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Effectively and strategically serving in healthcare, especially in leadership spaces, is a vital part of the functionality of communities and the well-being of patients. As a healthcare entity or organization, continuing to evolve over time, being aware of the needs of those being served, incorporating patient/family voice in care practices, and having an external consultant can ensure the success of business and improve outcomes. Working with experts that have years of training, education, and experience in healthcare administration is vital. Dr. KayLa has utilizes education and expertise in Public Health, Epidemiology, and Healthcare Administration to orchestrate real change based on evidence and research.

Compassion in Planning, Innovation, and Improved Processes

Compassionate Care in Healthcare Consulting with Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Whether you are a physician, nurse, administrator, director, or any internal leader, you know that compassion must be present in healthcare. Patients’ needs and their ability to lead healthy lives depend on those who are providing care to them; this includes all leadership and direct care provider. When working with Dr. KayLa N. Allen as your respected and well-educated healthcare business consultant, you will work together with her, your voice will be heard and valued, and unity for clarity and achieving wanted outcomes will be at the forefront of her process.

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Perspectives & Change

Where You Are

– Staff Retention Concerns

– Increased Readmission Rates

– “Going With the Flow”

– Disconnect in Teams

– Ineffective Communication

– Misalignment in Goals, Practices, and Thought Processes

– Limited Impact

– Challenges in Financial Management

Where You Aim To Be

– Improved Staff Retention via Evidence/Research-Based Practices and Attention to Needs

– Decreased Readmission Rates and Greater Attention to After-Care and Effective Transitional Care/Support System Access 

-Evolving through Education and Personal Development

– Development of Sustainability through Communication, Effective Collaboration, and Alignment in Functionality

– High-Quality and Present Leadership to Include Mentorship, Compassion, Shared Expertise, Effective Listening and Communication

Interpreting and Effectively Using Business Data

Interpreting and Utilizing Business Data with Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Healthcare leadership, business analytics, and patient data are the trifecta of clarity, improvements, and success when interpreted and effectively used. Healthcare administration is brings together a multitude of areas but should have data and patients needs at the core of its foundation.

Connected Courses Provided

*All consulting and leadership development services start at $5000.

Dr. KayLa N. Allen is a member of NOW, APHA, ACHE, ALPFA, NALHE, and an Executive Development Certified Member of the NSLS. Her education and organizational involvement, when combined, bring forth an expert opinion, a multitude of evidence & researched-based clarity, and a strategic set of practices that will benefit all healthcare organizations and hospital systems.

Connect with Dr. KayLa N. Allen for healthcare leadership/executive development consulting today and begin the transformation of your healthcare leadership and hospital/healthcare system in a sustainable, impactful, effective, evidence and research-based, and compassion-centered way.