When All You've Got Is You​

Dr. KayLa N. Allen When All You've Got Is You Coaching

Various circumstances lead to women living a life that involves no one else other than themselves. When you come from a broken family or leave your home on your volition to break cycles that once bound you, it is common to walk alone. For many individuals, the experience of life is far different than others, but that does not mean that struggle, loss of identity, or brokenness have to be a part of one’s future. In Dr. KayLa‘s program, she helps individuals break cycles of their lives through self-awareness, mindfulness, strategic planning, the transtheoretical model of behavioral change, and evidence-based practices.

Titles, circumstances, relationships, nor social environments power your life. Being alone can bring forth many emotions, but when you take into account what those emotions mean, they can reveal gifts to your present life and positive transformation to the future you are building.

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Developing a foundation for your new life after overcoming difficult circumstances can be stifling and lead to various outcomes. Being prepared is essential as is creating effective steps to rebuild and transform your life, especially when you are leading your life and that of your family. Work with Dr. KayLa to best prepare and work toward a thriving future that you can be proud of. The past does not own you nor your future. Take back your power starting today.

*Dr. KayLa’s coaching programs start at $3500.

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