Effective and empowering leadership is a process, journey, a lifelong experience. You must evolve if you find that you are facing impactful, negative outcomes. High turnover in staff or low performance can be altered through the use of tools and personal development.

Unequivocally, when an executive leader experiences an inability to work as a leader from a space of empowerment, it is time to make a change. There are no perfect leaders, but there are methods of mind shifting, utilizing evidence-based and research-based practices, and internal changes that can improve leadership skills and practices.

With the knowledge that transformation and evolution continue, it is essential that you stay ahead of the wave. You can perform at the best level while encouraging staff and equipping your workplace to grow in business. Efforts to transform leaders must be rooted in their values and connected to internal motivation should the changes be sustainable. Dr. KayLa‘s training, research, and education contribute to the well-tailored Executive Development courses that she developed.

Becoming an effective leader is a significant contribution to staff, business, and those being served. Challenge yourself and your internal executive leaders to become the change that is required for their success and business objectives. Journey through Dr. KayLa’s Executive Development courses and become an impactful leader internally.


This course format empowers and equips transforming and mentally evolving individuals and businesses in a well-tailored, impactful, and holistic manner.


Executives from different businesses come together in a group setting for a well-tailored, transformative educational experience.

*All executive development courses start at $4000 for an individual. Group pricing is available and will be in alignment with the number of participants and service needs.