Dear Mixed Girl

Dear Mixed Girl Letter Entitled by Dr. KayLa N. Allen "Surviving Your Survivory of Your "Mixed" Life"

Dear Mixed Girl,

What does it mean for you to take claim of the life that you lead without clinging on to what tried to hold you back? 

Surviving the challenges of being a mixed girl is nothing that should be ignored or erased, but there is a meaning behind that. 

You have to learn that there will be so many seasons of learning and overcoming in your mixed life, but you will have to continue to grow in your wisdom and truth to claim your identity in this world. 

You have to be able to move beyond surviving the pain of what was hurting you or what tried to break you.

There is nothing that you cannot face without a bit of patience, courage, and strength. 

You have a world of love that you can always tap into with no limits and no judgments – it even exists right here in these letters. 

You are amazing, and you can become the essence of the power of diversity, the push for equity everywhere you go, and the epitome of inclusion if you push to find value in your difficult moments.

There is nothing wrong with you, you are more than what you face, and you are magnificent inside and out…don’t stop now.

-Dr. KayLa N. Allen’s “Dear Mixed Girl” Letters, Letter Entitled “Surviving the Survivory of Your “Mixed” Life”

The “Dear Mixed Girl” letters are a series from Dr. KayLa N. Allen that share experiences, motivation, and compassion. These letters are linked to the “Dear Mixed Girl, What is Your Identity?” coaching program. Other related messaging that Dr. KayLa creates is to reshape the way that mixed girls and women think about themselves and how they contribute to the world by being themselves. Letters and other Dear Mixed Girl initiatives are also read aloud/shared online; check them out here.

No “mixed” experience is the same, but many parts of the biracial/multi-ethnic experience are similar. It is in these similarities that we can find individual truths and ways in which we can become the best version of ourselves regardless of what the world may show us.

Dr. KayLa N. Allen’s greatest hope is to share with others her truth based on experiences and education and what lives inside of her so that there can be sustainable changes and powerful impact for those living the life of a “mixed” girl/woman.

If you or the mixed girl in your life felt the impact of this letter, read more empowering messages and find out how you can transform yourself, be proud of who you are, and lead a unique and joyful life via Dr. KayLa N. Allen’s coaching programs. Want to sign up as a coaching client? Contact Dr. KayLa via the button below and start the next part of your improved and embraced journey today.

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