About Dr. KayLa N. Allen

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Dr. KayLa has a Doctorate in Healthcare Administration (DHA),  a Master’s degree in Public Health, and a Post-Master’s certificate in Epidemiology. She is a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Well-Being Coach and ICF member- the gold standard in credentialed coaches. Dr. KayLa’s programs are rooted in evidence-based and research-based coaching practices.

Each program is well-structured and strategically tailored to the needs and goals of the client.

Uniquely, Dr. KayLa N. Allen specializes in developmental coaching for biracial/multiethnic women. Her coaching programs are well-suited for graduate and doctoral students, women who have previously been affected by domestic violence, single moms, executive healthcare and business leaders, and those moving past traumatic life-changing events.

KayLa N Allen_Certified Wellcoach_Certified Health and Well-Being Coach

Education & Credentials

Dr. KayLa N. Allen - DHA - Doctorate in Health Administration
Dr. KayLa N. Allen Capella Master's Degree
Dr. KayLa N. Allen Post-Masters in Epidemiology Certificate
Dr. KayLa N. Allen UHD Undergraduate Degree
Dr. KayLa N. Allen NSLS Society Presidential Member
The National Society of Leadership and Success - KayLa Allen Executive Leadership Certification

Lifelong education is at the core of your potential.

Dr. KayLa N. Allen's Practice

Becoming and remaining an impact-filled, empowered, empowering, prosperous, and strategic individual and leader takes a multitude of efforts. Evolving into the next version of yourself must incorporate constant education, willingness to be flexible, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, highly-effective communication and listening skills, and the space to regularly be willing to be a follower to improve one’s practices and delivery. Notably, Dr. KayLa is an expert on shaping thriving futures. If you are prepared to begin a journey toward “(You) 2.0”, then her practice may be the added piece that will help you reach your next level of life and success.

Dr. KayLa uses her upper-level administrative and leadership education, executive-level leadership experience, and organizational and individual leadership development/training with executive-level leaders in her practice and services. She is trained in professional, positive, transformational and developmental coaching, and business consulting. As a result, Dr. KayLa provides leadership training through virtual courses for a variety of executive leaders. She also offers coaching programs for a variety of individuals diligently seeking to transform their lives and shape their futures.

Dr. KayLa’s coaching, executive leadership, and consulting services provide a full-spectrum of how you can construct the future that you work diligently toward. 

About Dr. KayLa N. Allen's Logo

Dr. KayLa N. Allen Brain Tree Logo

Throughout Dr. KayLa’s messaging and images, you see a version of this brain tree logo. It is her firm belief that knowledge and wisdom bring growth when used effectively and practiced diligently. Dr. KayLa’s journey is a true story of resilience, prosperity, and transformation. No matter where you see or hear from Dr. KayLa, you will be empowered.  Together with her messaging and character, you are welcoming in passion for learning, curiosity, self-efficacy, wisdom, and fruit bearing from your tree of knowledge. By the same token, her words/nuggets of wisdom challenge all who receive them.  For this reason, nuggets of wisdom that are received water mental gardens and create growth. This logo is Dr. KayLa N. Allen, her mission, vision, purpose, source of empowerment, and growth in love, brand/career, as well as her life.