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Dr. KayLa offers health and well-being coaching services, motivational/transformational speaking, and executive development in the areas of life after domestic violence (Divorcing Domestic Violence), identity (Dear Mixed Girl, What is Your Identity), navigating through next-level educational journeys (Success Coaching), finding triumph in leading a life on your own terms (When All You’ve Got Is You), and through Executive Development and Coaching for Healthcare Leaders/Healthcare Systems in individual and group formats.

Dr. KayLa’s executive development courses and business consulting brings forth evidence-based and research-based practices that improves outcomes, retention, satisfaction, patient well-being, and the quality of executive leadership in healthcare businesses.

The work of Richard Boyatzis of the book “Primal Leadership” has documented in over 30 published studies that a well-trained, empathetic coach is the difference between positioning yourself to thrive vs. going back and forth, up one day, down the next in dismay.

Evolving your life and shaping thriving futures is necessary should you aim to lead a life of prosperity and true empowerment. Dr. KayLa’s coaching services and executive development courses can help you further your aim to transform and sustain your changes.

Coaching Services | Leadership Courses | Healthcare Leadership/Executive Development Consulting | Professional Speaking

Coaching Services with Dr. KayLa N. Allen


Dr. KayLa's coaching programs deliver well-tailored methods that are sure to shape thriving futures.

Services: Executive Leadership Development with Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Executive Leadership Development Courses

Whether in the group or individual format, Dr. KayLa offers a series of evidence-based and research-based courses that will mold, transform, and improve leadership and business outcomes in a holistic, sensible, and insightful manner.

Services: Healthcare Business Consulting with Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Healthcare Leadership/Executtive Development Consulting

Using evidence-based and research-based knowledge, Dr. KayLa offers a strategic, well-tailored, practical, and logical consulting services for health care-related businesses, executive leadership, and upper-level business administrators in for-profit healthcare systems and clinical/hospital settings.

Services: Professional Speaking and Workshop with Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Professional Speaking & Workshops

Dr. KayLa delivers powerful messages to inspire change and share about the power of resilience and personal transformation.​

“Through my experiences, I also know the holistic realm of awareness, living, empowerment, and transformation that it takes to become a leader and be successful and empowering. I know what is required to be an impactful healthcare leader, maintain a thriving health support system, and be a women’s empowerment leader in communities. I have lived the life of a mixed girl and a woman that must stand up on her own two feet and thrive using her unique power and inner strength. My education and experiences well equip me to serve in all the areas I provide in my practice. If any of that resonates with you, my practice is well-suited to take you from travail to triumph.”

-Dr. KayLa N. Allen

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