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Making a difference is more than public appearances or images on the internet or in print; it is pouring into others, sharing powerful stories, and empowering the world through individuals in meaningful ways. 

Dr. KayLa as a brand and an individual works with countless organizations and associations to help others reach their full potential. With that real world impact, many women, young adults, leaders in public health, mental health, and various other leadership spaces have shifted their pathways toward leading the lives that they crafted for themselves and their loved ones.

Some of the interviews that she has participated have been sources of empowerment for individuals, teams, and organizations. Click on the links below to read and watch.

Part of purposeful elevation to higher levels of education, career success, lifestyle and mindset shifts is sharing how you made it happen after you completed a certain part of your journey. Watch this interview embarked upon and remember that what you do is only great if you strategically give back to where you came from.

When you have a passion for something and you  continuously put in the effort for it to become more than a dream and more than a piece of reality, it is difficult for it to go unnoticed. Check out this article about Dr. KayLa and the power of making a difference through lessons learned in building a purpose-driven career.

Your promising future starts with understanding who you are and what you bring to the table – your purpose and identity. Better equipping and educating yourself based on your truth, passion, purpose, and identity is how you will succeed in all areas of life. Read this article about Dr. KayLa’s journey and who she is at the core from an outsider’s perspective.

There is no journey toward becoming a successful brand or becoming an ever-evolving version of yourself without a backstory or earned wisdom that can be shared. Please read this article to learn about Dr. KayLa, the brand, and how her business came to life.

Full circle here: From everything that you give yourself in terms of empowerment, education, and lifestyle changes, you can make a difference (from the individual, to their family, to their world) by mentoring in special places with your time, heart, and soul. Mentoring with wisdom is one of the greatest gifts you can give others. Read this interview and learn how you can changes lives as well.

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