Dear Mixed Girl

Dear Mixed Girl Letter by Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Do you know the value and beauty of the color of a mixed, loving relationship?

While you come from a combination of “color” and mixed racial/ethnic background, there is something so powerful and beautiful to recognize in that love. 

When we can love someone (in a “mixed” relationship) who may not look like us, that is wonderful, and it brings forth meaningful diversity and shared experiences at a different level. 

Recognize that you are a mixture of worlds, cultures, and loves that are limitless.

When you see the blood that comes out of your body, it is just as red as anyone else’s, right? 

You are no less than anyone else, nor are your parents or anyone you choose to love or spend your life with. 

Bringing together different perspectives, cultures, and lifestyles is how the world evolves and finds more ways to connect, so look at how amazing you are and how you are changing the world!

Whatever mixed relationship you may come from or create in the future, know that it is something beautiful, and it is to be appreciated for everything great that resides within it.

-Dr. KayLa N. Allen’s “Dear Mixed Girl” Letters

Letter Entitled “The Color of Your Loving Relationship”

The “Dear Mixed Girl” letters are a series from Dr. KayLa N. Allen that share experiences, motivation, and compassion. These letters are linked to the “Dear Mixed Girl, What is Your Identity?” coaching program. Other related messaging that Dr. KayLa creates is to re-shape the way that mixed girls and women think about themselves and how they contribute to the world by being themselves.

No “mixed” experience is the same, but many parts of the biracial/multi-ethnic experience are similar. It is in these similarities that we can find individuals truths and ways in which we can become the best version of ourselves regardless of what the world may show us.

Dr. KayLa N. Allen’s greatest hope is to share with others her truth and what lives inside of her so that there can be sustainable changes and powerful impact in those living the life of a “mixed” girl.

If you or the mixed girl in your life felt the impact of this letter, read more empowering messages and find out how you can transform yourself, be proud of who you are, and lead a unique and joyful life via Dr. KayLa N. Allen’s coaching programs.

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