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Most of the things that we want in life are just beyond a sightline, fear, space of opportunity, or a dream. While it may sound simple enough, the typical thing that many of us do is cloud what could be with a fog of challenges and doubts. Having gratitude of what is right in front of you and appreciating life’s beauty is a gift to be withheld.

When was the last time that you took account of what you have in your life? 

Do you often look at what you have been blessed with on a regular basis?

Do you regularly take a moment to meditate on what you have today (as it is a manifestation of what you once dreamed of)?

What do you have that you have not recently looked deeply into and given a greater meaning to?

Giving ourselves empowerment when things are difficult can be so fulfilling and wonderful. It can equally feel amazing when our loved ones or friends give us the support that we may need from time to time. However, it is ultimately up to you to make a decision to create a different perspective on the life that you lead.

If I speak highly of what is ahead, and you walk backward into a field of beauty, you cannot expect to appreciate what is present. Opening your eyes and pushing yourself to shift your field of view is how you can learn to value what is in front of you; this is how you appreciate life’s beauty in all of its’ forms.

How can you truly be prepared for what you want in life if you cannot place a high value on what your life has already been blessed and gifted with in every season? 

Surely, there have been ups and downs, but there are countless moments of gratitude that must be counted and reflected upon.

What do you want in your life? 

What are you willing to do for and within yourself to create lasting shifts for a promising future?

How will you appreciate life’s beauty every day of your life?

No matter what future you are shaping or what your purpose may be, your goals start with you valuing the now with high regard and attention to gratitude.

Be blessed and be at peace.

-KayLa’s Positivity Corner


Dr. KayLa N. Allen is a Doctoral (DHA) Candidate, International Motivational Speaker, Thought Leader, Transformational Coach – Certified Health and Well-Being Coach, and Expert on Shaping Thriving Futures. Learn more about her services and how you can begin your journey through business and personal evolution by clicking the button below.

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