Dear Mixed Girl

Dear Mixed Girl Letter by Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Dear Mixed Girl,

What we place meaning on will not always mean something to others, and that’s okay. 

On any given day, you decide to define your life, and that can include your values, traditions, clothing, culture and so much more. 

It can be difficult to focus on the things that mean something to you when you have fears, doubts, or concerns about how others carry what you are sharing with the world. 

The joy of your life comes from what you need and how you make it happen. 

If you’re carrying your culture in everything you do, remember that many people do not understand what you are doing or why you are doing it. 

There are many times when you will feel like someone’s thoughts will make you question everything that you are.

 When that happens, understand that you must stand strong and continue to be yourself. 

Take a moment to think about what means something to you, write it down, and take joy in being wonderfully you. 

Don’t change your values for anyone; enjoy the life that you lead.

-Dr. KayLa N. Allen’s “Dear Mixed Girl” Letters (circa 12/27/2020)

The “Dear Mixed Girl” letters are a series from Dr. KayLa N. Allen that shares experiences, motivation, and compassion. These letters are linked to the “Dear Mixed Girl, What is Your Identity?” coaching program. Other related messaging that Dr. KayLa creates is to reshape the way that mixed girls and women think about themselves and how they contribute to the world by being themselves. Letters and other Dear Mixed Girl initiatives are also read aloud/shared online; check them out here.

No “mixed” experience is the same, but many parts of the biracial/multi-ethnic experience are similar. In these similarities, we can find individual truths and ways to become the best version of ourselves regardless of what the world may show us.

Dr. KayLa N. Allen’s greatest hope is to share with others her truth based on experiences and education and what lives inside of her so that there can be sustainable changes and powerful impact for those living the life of a “mixed” girl/woman.

If you or the mixed girl in your life felt the impact of this letter, read more empowering messages and find out how you can transform yourself, be proud of who you are, and lead a unique and joyful life via Dr. KayLa N. Allen’s coaching programs. Want to sign up as a coaching client or hire Dr. KayLa for a Dear Mixed Girl (trademark filed and pending) speaking engagement? Contact Dr. KayLa via the contact page and sign up below using the button to start the next part of your improved and embraced journey today.

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