When It Doesn’t Go As Planned

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No matter how hard we try to accomplish business goals, many stops, trips, stumbles, and redirects will come about. You can have an endless number of dreams, goals, and aims in life, but this does not mean they will come to be. Surely, having reached all of our dreams by the end of our lives would be magnificent (so we think), but sometimes that is just not how things will pan out. What can you do when it doesn’t go as planned?

While with a strong aim to create my future and continue to access many opportunities, I recently came to a big halt right in the middle of the Detroit airport. You see, for months I had been churning away at trying to find wanted speaking engagements to participate in. I had a few that I had been welcomed into, and this particular merry-go-round was surely to be a place of great opportunity and equally awesome impact. I was supposed to be going to Madison, WV for an occupational therapy conference as a speaker. I had everything in order: flight booked, room reserved, transportation planned, etc. Even with everything situated, I did not make it to my destination. I did not take the time to see how the disarray that I was to face had slowly started to unravel from the beginning.

This is the part of the story where I tell you to make sure you are paying attention so you don’t miss what can be. While I had planned everything out, none of that process came with ease. In fact, I hit walls everywhere I was turning but still, I wanted to keep fighting the good fight. After a hugely delayed flight and a missed connection, I knew I was not making it to this conference. I was a crying mess, right there in the terminal and I didn’t care who would see my tears. From my loved ones, I got a little push of wisdom, from strangers I got a series of kind messages about my clothing, and for my own good, I took a moment to find a book to read to reframe my mindset. I started writing a letter to my present self about all I had recently overcome in this whirlwind of a week, and about how proud I was of myself for facing it all and working to overcome it. Then, I ran across a book that would change my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. It told me so much more about the power of not stopping and things to do to propel via positive, wanted, and forward momentum.

Life is a bit funny sometimes and it will test your patience, judge your character, and push you to limits that you did not even know existed. However, if you are willing to just take a look at the world around you, there will be a light just beyond the storm. I can see it right now. Give yourself a chance to understand that not everything is meant to be and yet, what is to be, will be. It almost sounds too simple, but it is more than true.

On the forever-winding road of entrepreneurship, things will not always go your way and life will not be perfect. Challenges happen and plans change. However, there is one guarantee in it, and that is, if you really want your dreams to come true, all it takes is one more step. Who knows (I do), what you really need could be just beyond your fears, storms, and hopes. So, why not just keep going?

I will be a part of the very small percentage of people who actually live out their dreams – how do I know this, because little by little, this is already in motion and I can see it. Besides, I already know God has a plan for me, and I know that in His time, it will all come to pass; that is as perfect as life gets. I will take the time to be okay with mistakes, redirects, and perceived failures because I know all of those things do not control my destiny or outcomes – they are just a part of a past moment in time and I am creating a multitude of moments that I can forever be proud of.

Plans may change and redirects may occur in your business growth and constant evolution, but will you be prepared to face yourself and your options in the process?

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Dr. KayLa N. Allen is an International Motivational Speaker, Thought Leader, Transformational Coach – Certified Health and Well-Being Coach for Women, a Healthcare Leadership Development Consultant, a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Leader and Coach via Dear Mixed Girl, and an Expert on Shaping Thriving Futures. Learn more about her services and how you can begin your journey through business and personal evolution/personal development by clicking the button below.

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