Setting Your Sights

"Setting Your Sights" Blog via KayLa's Positivity Corner by Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Being able to view what you want is how you may be able to approve what you see into the vision set before you.

A set sight of destruction or a belief that has come from fear or doubt will be met with challenges.

A path of confusion or mismanagement may lead to a season of blundering.  Wandering around looking at a little of this and a little of that, stepping off of the path because something sounded nice or looked pretty, etc. may not be the wisest thing to do. You need a little bit of target practice!

There are no challenges that will be unmet. The real challenge is how you will show up and address what is before you.

Willfully centering yourself is when you shift from a level of clarity to a level of positioned elevation. 

When was the last time strategically focused on then released that which you really wanted? This practice may sound crazy or a bit ridiculous, but it is the reality of creating a vision and manifesting something by embodying what you really want.

Where is your sight set? If seeing something that may not be within reach at the moment without a few steps before it, you may need to re-adjust your plan. If you are thinking about things that are of your past and they no longer align with who you are today, you have some deep thinking to do about why this may be and what you need to do to get yourself back in “working order”. 

Are you thinking about success? Success is defined by only you, so if you have levels of success be mindful of how you may be addressing them with yourself at the core of it. Remember that when you are aiming for success, you are doing things for more than yourself. I always remind myself that God gave me the gift of who I am and what I am supposed to do so that I can bless others – that is powerful, and I am thoroughly grateful for it.

Are you only imagining possibilities? If the intention is to focus, how can you do so if there are only moments of daydreaming, hoping, or imagining. Surely, there must come a time when strategies, goals, seeking wise counsel, and making a plan must come into play.

Whatever your sights may be set on now, know that what you want in the future will depend on the building blocks you see right now.

Set your sights on a plan and be willing to gently shift so that you can clearly see what is there waiting for you.

Be blessed and be at peace.

-KayLa’s Positivity Corner by Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Dr. KayLa N. Allen is a Doctoral (DHA) Candidate, International Motivational Speaker, Thought Leader, Transformational Coach – Certified Health and Well-Being Coach, and Expert on Shaping Thriving Futures. Learn more about her services and how you can begin your journey through business and personal evolution by clicking the button below.

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