Dear Mixed Girl, What's Your Identity?

Dear Mixed Girl - What Is Your Identity?

Countless experiences make up the life of a “mixed” girl. For a multiracial girl/woman, facing scrutiny, bullying, objectification, and some brokenness in family structures can lead to many negative outcomes. Dr. KayLa’s coaching for clarity of identity and addressing of mixed-race related concerns program helps biracial/multiracial teens and women identify the deepest identity of themselves and their life’s meaning/purpose while challenging them to be emotionally intelligent, self-aware, mindful, and proud of who they are. This coaching program is deeply integrated with diversity, equity, and inclusion elements. 

Dear Mixed Girl, understanding who you are beyond the color of your skin, the pattern of your hair, and the beauty of your external self, means that you gain clarity of your true self; there is much more to be identified and appreciated than what appears in the mirror. 

If you find that you are looking for your truth and you want to stand strong in what makes you uniquely you, developmental and transformational coaching with Dr. KayLa via the “Dear Mixed Girl, What Is Your Identity” program may be exactly what you need.

I understand what it is like to grow up and seem not fit in anywhere. I recall days of hopelessness, and I also know of days when it felt like everyone thought I was not good enough. After years of work and personal development, I found clarity in my own brokenness. I diligently sought and eventually found ways to empower myself and own all that makes me. I feel proud to be all that I am, and I am ever-grateful that I took ownership of all that makes me who I am. If any of this hits home for you or it sounds like something your child may be experiencing, then this program may be precisely what you or the mixed girl/woman in your life may need.

Dear Mixed Girl Letters
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Dear Mixed Girl Letter by Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Dear Mixed Girl

Dear Mixed Girl, Do you know that what you face is not always something you asked for or something you have to welcome? Seeing the

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Dear Mixed Girl Letter "Hide Or Embrace A Stain On Your Life" by Dr. KayLa N. Allen

Dear Mixed Girl

Do you know that it is okay to embrace what is extremely different in your life or that of your family? When something about you

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Dr. KayLa works with children and women of all ages. Children going through the Dear Mixed Girl coaching program will have a parent(s)/caregiver(s) who will also go through connected coaching simultaneously to ensure alignment and effective support structures are in place for the positive evolution of the child. This program suits large groups and can be tailored for conferences, workshops, leadership development, etc.

*Dr. KayLa’s coaching programs start at $3500.

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